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Aquatic Edge Pond & Landscape Solutions is Western PA's premier source for residential koi ponds, waterfalls,

and water gardening. 

We install, design, service,

and repair all types of water features.



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“We don't just sell a job, install the pond and walk away... I want to provide a family with a certain feeling every time they walk out their door. It's a Lifestyle. It's Relaxation, and It's Wonderful!" - Tim Wood, Owner (Aquatic Edge Pond & Landscape Solutions)

- ​A little about our Estimating and Sales Process -

We value your family’s time, and ours. For this reason, we have a very specific method of estimating for projects. Aggressive sales pitches are NOT a part of how we roll.

Tim says, “The typical sales process between a contractor and homeowner is completely wrong.  And here's why - It starts with one party insisting on a housecall to provide an estimate. At that point it becomes a cat and mouse game of sales technique vs. earning the customer’s trust vs. the homeowner’s reservations regarding talking about a budget vs. trying to design the project. It’s a lot of stress. Stress stinks.”

Instead, Tim offers a different approach - which is almost the exact opposite of what most people are used to.

“Visiting the homeowner’s property is actually one of my last steps. I like to exchange emails or phone calls initially, have the client send me some pictures of the property, and get to know exactly what it is they are looking to achieve with their space.  This allows both of us to take our time to gather our ideas, and it's very non-threatening. We can give free estimates very easily this way."

“Building trust is obviously a very important step in this process as well. I am very upfront with pricing. We have tons of pictures of work we have completed that shows the quality of our installations. We have online portfolios, we’ve been in the leading industry magazine, we have a YouTube channel, we have a very informative website, and are active in social media. So it’s pretty easy to show that we are serious about what we do. Plus, most of our work comes from referrals which means people are telling their friends and neighbors about us."

“So throughout this initial phase, we're not just figuring out what the customer wants or what we can do with their yard, we get to know each other and really understand the Why's. They come to understand why we are here and in this business, and how it drives me personally and professionally to provide the very best. And in turn, by this point I have figured out Why​ they want a water feature. So whether it's a love of fish, a love of birdwatching, the desire to attract pollinators, or maybe just to be able to relax at the end of a workday beside the sight and sounds of a waterfall, we are all on the same page now and I can design the perfect feature for this customer's needs.

The next step is to determine the budget that will be available to achieve our client’s goals. By now the client understands approximately what sort of costs are associated with various styles of water feature installations (because we talk about it in the very beginning). So if he or she is still interested at this point it comes down to a very simple decision - How much money do you want to spend on this project? Because we can do some really cool, small installations of fountainscapes for $3,500 - which would work just fine for a little bare corner of the landscape.  But then again, we can also install an amazing large koi pond with waterfalls and lighting that might cost $50,000 or more.  And there's all kinds of ideas in between these price points too, so it really comes down to what size-scale of water feature you need to have to get the desired emotional effect every time you step outside of your home.

Then, after all of this has been ironed out and we have a budget, it’s time for me to come out to the property and confirm that we have the space available to do what needs to be done. At this point all the decision makers are present and on the same exact page so there’s no unknown issues about budgets or design styles, etc. During the appointment we layout where everything is going to go, I make sure there are no unforeseen obstacles in the way (narrow gates, limited vehicle access, etc.), and we get the job scheduled. I like to leave with a definite “Yes” or “No”, because all the details have already been worked out. Nobody wants a salesman pestering them with follow-up calls, and believe me I don’t like to bother people about that because it takes up so much of my time and their time that could be spent better in a million other ways. When the meeting is over I am typically leaving with a signed contract and deposit, or a consultation fee of $100 for the time.”