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- Estimates via Email / Text / Phone are always FREE -

**Please keep in mind that our FREE ESTIMATES are only meant to give a general idea of what your project may cost.  Actual QUOTES may differ greatly, and require an On-Site Consultation.  See below:

Residential On-Site Consultation (Backyard Water Features, Koi Ponds, etc.):

There is a fee of $200 for on-site design consultations. This fee can be applied toward your future project upon accepting a bid for service. During an on-site consultation we will discuss all aspects of your project, including - proper construction and filtration of your water feature, site measurements, site access, equipment requirements, expectations of work, design style. *We recommend an initial (FREE) exchange of pictures and conversation via phone or email prior to an On-Site Design Consultation.

Lake / Farm Pond On-Site Consultations:

Please refer to our “Consultation Visit” page for pricing and information. We offer various options for you to consider, starting at $250 and up. Included in all On-Site Consultations are: Depth measurements, Vegetation ID, discussion of your lake use goals and desires, development of a Management Report which includes estimates for all projects considered.

​*We recommend an initial (FREE) exchange of pictures and conversation via phone or email prior to an On-Site Consultation.