Pondless Waterfalls

Enjoy Sights and Sounds of a Waterfall in Your Yard, With the Ultimate Low-Maintenance Water Feature....

Westmoreland and Allegheny County PA’s top quality Pondless Waterfall and Backyard Waterfall design and installation company. Master-Level Certified Aquascape Contractor. The ultimate low-maintenance water feature! Proper construction techniques are crucial, leave it to Aquatic Edge to install your Backyard Pondless Waterfall in the Greensburg, Pittsburgh, Irwin and surrounding areas.

One of the most popular water feature options being installed is the Pondless Waterfall. This is an ideal option for property owners that want the sights and sounds of water without having a pond and fish to care for. This style of water feature is an ideal option for those with space constraints, small children or municipality restrictions.

The waterfall is undoubtedly the most beautiful and favored feature in a water garden. If space is lacking in your yard or you have safety concerns with a pond, ask us about installing a Pondless Waterfall. The name basically explains it all. It's a waterfall and stream, without the pond.





Project Spotlight

In August 2016 we completed this Pondless Waterfall Installation over two days. We replaced an existing garden pond, which was a challenge for the homeowners to maintain and keep clean. Our clients expressed a great desire to have a water feature, yet they were looking for a way to drastically cut back on maintenance. So a Pondless Waterfall was the perfect solution. Read on for more details……

Weathered Granite boulders were used in the construction, which gives a completely different look than most water features in the Western Pennsylvania region. The flat stones seen in the picture were re-purposed from the original pond and were used to lend just a bit of formality to the otherwise natural-looking design. An adjustable Aquascape pump provides flow at multiple speeds (remote controlled!), and an Iongen ionizer keeps the water clean and algae-free.

Digging conditions were tough on this one. Luckily the reservoir size needed only to hold up to 100 gallons of water. Machine access was not available, so we dug the reservoir and stream bed by hand with picks and steel shovels. We used a rock dolly and wheelbarrows to move all the materials from the front driveway around to the back.

After two full days of work, the old pond was gone and this new waterfall was running. Our clients are extremely happy with the outcome. They now have the beautiful sights and sounds of a waterfall, with almost zero maintenance.