On-Site Lake Consultations

You can have an Aquatic Edge Lake Specialist visit your lake property in Western Pennsylvania for a visual assessment of your lake's current condition. This is often the first step in determining a management plan for our customers. The On-Site Lake Consultation (for residential/private lakes and farm ponds) costs $250 and includes:

Please allow approx. 1 Hour of time that we can spend together at your lake property.

On Site:

Discussion with lake owner(s) to determine your goals for the lake
Aquatic plant identification
General on-site recommendations

Depth measurements using kayak/jon boat and depth finder

In Office:
Management Recommendation Plan, which includes:

   Aeration System Design and Quote

   Decorative / Aerating Fountain Quote

   Beneficial Lake Bacteria Plan and Quote (Natural Lake Products)

   Vegetation Control Plan and Quote

   Other applicable recommendations

* General estimates are always given for free via email & phone. On-site consultations are billed at $250 in order to cover our travel and labor costs, upkeep of equipment, and office hours required to develop your personal Management Recommendations Report

Add-On Options:

Water Test - $100 each (~ 1 per Acre recommended)
Sediment % Organic Test - $100 each ( ~1 per Acre recommended)
Herbicide Permit Submission - $75

We also offer a Lake Health Assessment, starting at $850 for small lakes. See details on the Lake Health Assessment page.