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“I tell people all the time that it’s not just about what we can do. It really comes down to why it is we do this. Sure, we can go out and spray herbicides to kill some weeds….and yes, we’ll go to your lake and install an aeration system. That's the What. But more importantly, Why are we doing that? These and other projects that we do are all a part of a larger picture. And that picture is comprised of our clients’ goals for their lake. For instance, this client might be interested in growing big fish so they can have their family 
over for quality fishing; and another client across town might have more of an interest in having a beautiful natural-looking lake that attracts wildlife and looks great for their photography hobby. We might take some similar steps and use some of the same methods on those two lakes, but we will be looking to achieve different goals and will have different markers of success. Without knowing the clients’ end goals you would just be going in and guessing about how much weed mass to remove, what bait fish to stock, or what species and color of water lily to plant.”

At Aquatic Edge, we treat every client and every project individually.
Just as no two people are exactly alike, the same goes for ponds and landscapes.  Each has its own unique characteristics and challenges. The fun is in identifying those challenges and coming up with a solution that will allow your family to enjoy your outdoor space. It’s not always about what you do, it’s about why you do it”.  - Tim Wood, Owner of Aquatic Edge Consulting

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