Can I have a Water Feature Without a Pond?

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FountainScapes are simply small decorative water features such as overflowing vases, container water gardens, bubbling urns, basalt columns, patio ponds and other fountains that incorporate an in-ground reservoir.

Water features provide homeowners with a unique and creative way to decorate their outdoor living space. Many property owners desire the soothing sounds of running water, but may not want, need, or have space for a pond.

These water features are typically set atop an underground reservoir that keeps re-circulating the water.  Once the focal piece (urn, basalt, vase, etc.) fills with water, the water spills out and over into the underground basin, which pumps the water back up again. FountainScapes can be small and peaceful, or much larger and incorporate multiple focal points.





Project Spotlight

In the summer of 2015, we took over a small corner of this Greensburg back yard and turned it into a peaceful oasis by constructing a custom-cut basalt column water feature.

In this particular instance, the homeowners were looking for something on the small side. The outdoor living space was already very well-put together, just lacking the finishing touch that they knew only a water feature would provide. They previously were owners of a large koi pond at their last home. This new home was a down-size move for the family, so low-maintenance was a key consideration for their new water feature.

This corner of the yard was simply that - a nondescript area of landscaping with no personality. We hand dug a hole in the ground capable of holding about 50 gallons of water and lined it with Aquascape 45-mil EPDM rubber pond liner. Aquablox and a pump vault were then set in place within the lined excavation. A few ton of Canada blue river gravel and small boulders provide the base for the show-stopping Mongolian basalt columns and their crashing plumes of water. Water collects temporarily along the base of the columns before cascading over two small waterfalls and disappearing into the hidden reservoir below.

An Aquascape variable speed pump recirculates the water throughout the system. With a push of a remote button the homeowners can adjust the flow of water from tranquil to intense, based on their mood and amount of ambient sound desired.

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