Fish Stocking and Management

In the Western Pennsylvania region (including Pittsburgh, Washington, Greensburg, Ligonier, Seven Springs, ect.), private ponds and lakes used for fishing can benefit from periodic stocking of desirable fish species. But more importantly, the quality of fishing can be ruined by improperly stocking the wrong size, number, or type of species. Even desirable species can have adverse effects on fishing quality when stocked at the wrong ratio. Before you call a hatchery and ask them to bring their recommended package, consult Aquatic Edge to discuss the characteristics of your pond or lake. As we like to say, all ponds and lakes are different. Fish species, stocking size and stocking rate can vary widely within regional areas.

Stocking rates should be determined after carefully considering many variables, including:

  • Pond/Lake surface area
  • Average depths, max depth, and depths of particular areas likely to be utilized by fish species
  • Source of water (spring, runoff, stream, etc.)
  • Average water temperatures during summer and winter
  • Intended use of the water, and style of fishing desired

Throughout the season we may conduct stocking runs for a particular area of western Pennsylvania. Contact us to be placed on a route. We commonly stock the following species during our stocking runs – Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Channel Catfish, Shiners, Minnows, and others can be included by request.

Fish Feeders - We recommend and sell/install Texas Hunter Pro Series fish feeders. With a variety of mounting options, power options, and timer controls, Texas Hunter fish feeders -and wildlife feeders- offer a reliable management tool for helping your pond and lake fish reach their maximum growth potential.

Feeding programs may focus on the health of small forage species - which help the large predatory species. Or they may focus solely on larger species directly, or a combination of both. Small farm ponds and large lakes will each benefit from a carefully designed feeding program.





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