Project Spotlight

In Spring of 2016, we completed this complete demo and new installation of a beautiful koi pond in Greensburg/Jeannette, Pennsylvania.

Take a look at the “Before” picture, and you can see the original footprint of the pond.  This pond was originally constructed by the homeowners, and served them well enough for several years. However in late fall of 2015 we received a call from the homeowner describing a problem with sick and dying fish.
Upon inspection, we discovered the pond was underfiltered and undersized for the amount of fish present. The water was very green and dark. There was no rock and gravel bottom (just bare liner).

BEFORE picture

We agreed to provide a brand new pond, constructed using weathered limestone. All existing equipment was removed, the excavation was re-dug and added approximately double the volume of water for fish to utilize. Two waterfalls with streams were constructed to add the sights and sounds of cascading water.

AFTER picture

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This project utilized the following components manufactured by Aquascape Inc:
Signature Series Skimmer
BioFalls 2500 filter
Biofalls Micro filter
Pro 60 Aerator
Iongen Copper Ionizer (string algae control)
Auto-Doser for beneficial bacteria treatments
Aquasurge 3000 pump
Aquasurge 5000 pump

LED underwater lights
All plumbing and liner made by Aquascape





Filtration Upgrades

Why Is My Koi Pond Green?

Ecosystem Style Filtration is the Key to a Beautiful, Healthy Koi Pond.

Many backyard koi ponds in Western Pennsylvania suffer from inadequate filtration. A lot of these ponds can become beautiful and low maintenance once again after an upgrade of the filtration system. Aquatic Edge specializes in koi pond filtration from an “Ecosystem style approach”. If you have a koi pond / water garden in the Greensburg-Latrobe-Ligonier-Irwin-Monroeville-Pittsburgh areas and desire healthier water quality, contact us today.

Proper filtration is the most important component to having a clear and healthy pond. Koi pond filtration practices have changed drastically in the last decade. Many ponds in our area are full of out dated and insufficient features such as lava rock, pumps sitting directly on the pond bottom, inaccessible and cumbersome filters, and brittle plumbing.

The good news is that almost any pond is able to be retro-fitted with the newest and most effective filtration components. We have found that the best way to filter a pond is to have a few key features: surface skimming, lots of oxygen/aeration, and substrate for beneficial bacteria to colonize. These aspects can be achieved in a variety of ways depending on size/shape of the pond, surrounding area available, and budget concerns.

In many cases, we can add an Aquascape BioFalls and Skimmer combination along with new pump and plumbing to achieve the desired results. (This often results in a nicer aesthetic appeal as well.) Other additions can include subsurface aerators, underwater jets, automatic treatment dosers, wetland filtration zones, and longer streams with waterfalls.