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Decorative Lake Fountains

Floating Decorative Fountains provide enhanced aesthetic quality to private or public ponds and lakes in Western Pennsylvania. Aquatic Edge offers professional installation, winter storage, and design recommendations of floating fountains to lake-owners in the Greater Pittsburgh, Greensburg, and Washington PA areas. 

Fountains add a unique aesthetic appeal to lakes and ponds, as well as assist with biological processes that can promote healthy water conditions.

Choose from an endless array of spray patterns and lighting options to suit any pond and lake application. Aquatic Edge sells and installs quality fountains made by reputable manufacturers like Aquamaster, The Power House, and Vertex.

We recommend all pond and lake owners to consider their particular needs before purchasing a fountain, and should consult a professional lake manager that can inform them of important features and needs of various types of fountains.

In our local area of western Pennsylvania, floating fountains should be removed in late fall and stored indoors at temperatures above freezing. Ice formation on the water’s surface can damage floating fountains and is not covered by any manufacturer’s warranty. Aquatic Edge offers seasonal fountain service, which includes:

  • Removal in late fall
  • Power-wash and visual inspection of exterior
  • Storage in heated facility over winter
  • Re-install in early spring

We can also perform any electrical service which may be needed to properly and safely install your fountain.

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Pond & Lake Aeration – Tips For Being An Informed Consumer (And Contractor!)

In the field, we see a lot of fountains and aeration systems. Many are doing a great job at maintaining healthy lake conditions. Unfortunately, just as many are not. And in most cases, it comes down to a lack of understanding of aeration principles on the consumer’s part.

This is generally caused by a few different issues: Bad advice/False information from contractors or manufacturers, impatient consumers buying the first thing they see, or consumers shopping based only on price instead of value.

Let’s talk about a few of these issues, and how to make them better.

1)  Bad Advice and False Information – This one really bugs me. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been called out to a farm pond that is covered in duckweed, with a floating fountain sitting right in the middle of it. The property owners then tell me that they were told by the fountain manufacturer or distributor that the fountain would cure their duckweed (or watermeal, or algae, etc.) problem.

So they pay a thousand or a couple thousand bucks online, the fountain arrives, they struggle to put it together, anchor it in place and turn it on. Now there is a twelve foot diameter circle of open water around the fountain, but the duckweed is still everywhere else! There’s really no place for false information in the lake management industry, because it hurts the consumer and the manufacturer/distributor. It also hurts the image of the industry, because once a consumer feels lied to they tend to lump all the other lake management companies together and say “These guys are just trying to make money by selling a bunch of stuff that doesn’t work.”

So if you are a distributor of pond and lake fountains, please learn the product. Learn what it does and does not do. Learn the potential it has to help certain property owners in certain situations. And perhaps most importantly, learn when to say “No, a fountain is not the best idea for your pond’s problems. You need…….”

And as a consumer, please read articles like this that seek to teach you about fountains and aeration systems. Find the websites of larger manufacturers and read the information they provide. Some even have independent testing of their product and others. Try manufacturers like Vertex, Aquamaster and Power House. Links to these sites are on our website.

2)  Patience, or Impatience – It’s tempting sometimes to call one company and buy right away, while you’re in the moment. But considering the issues of lake management and aeration, you really should take a little bit of time to gather some data about your lake and think about some of your management options. For instance – fountains and aeration systems should be sized appropriately for your pond or lake. If they are not, then you’re not getting the best benefit from your investment. Do your homework. Take some depth measurements of your pond in several places and use Google Earth or a GPS unit to calculate the surface area. This information is very important when sizing a fountain or aeration system. Better yet, have a company come out and use intricate sonar to map the lake contours and automatically determine things like surface acres, water volume, and vegetation biomass.

The more information you have, the better equipped you will be to make the right decision for your waterbody.

3)  Price-shopping – The old saying goes – “You get what you pay for.” This argument can be made in virtually all industries throughout the world. So of course it applies to lake and pond management too! When looking for pond and lake aeration and maintenance, you may find a range of pricing estimates. This may be due to the types of materials one company specs vs another, or it may be due to one company’s labor rate being a little higher, or other reasons. The main thing to remember is this – cheapest options often end up costing more in the long run. If you purchase a fountain for $900 instead of the one for $1,600, same size and similar spray pattern, you can bet that there is going to be a significant difference in your experience with those fountains. It may be inferior materials that warp or develop stress cracks, or a motor burns out too soon, maybe it’s something really aggravating like mis-aligned screw holes and cross threaded bolts that make installation a nightmare. The price difference may also be reflected in the way you are treated by the manufacturer or distributor, and the warranty length. If you see the value in purchasing a quality product, and paying a reputable company a respectable rate to install it, then you are purchasing based on Value. It’s a better value to spend a little more money to get a great product and excellent customer service, than to save a few hundred bucks and be left with sub-par equipment and a constant busy signal on the phone. Don’t you think?

We offer landscaping and pond management services in Western PA communities such as Greensburg, Latrobe, Ligonier, Washington, Murrysville, Monroeville, Jeannette, Delmont and Pittsburgh. We ship our Lake Treatment Products nationwide.